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sambaXP 2021

SambaXP is the annual meeting of the international Samba team and its ecosystem of developers, users and vendors all around the globe since 2002.

The 20th international conference around the OpenSource software Samba will take place from 4th - 6th of May 2021. Due to the current COVID-19 situation the organizing committee is planning a digital edition of the popular conference for 2021 again.

Speakers will give their presentations live from their desks an participants can follow the conference from anywhere in the world via the Internet. The event will be recorded and published with the consent of speakers.

The conference will again be held via Zoom and will be more open compared to last year‘s event: Open mic and video as well as other channels will allow the community to interact in a better way – stay tuned!

The conference itself is free of charge and the call for paper has also started - We look forward to interesting presentations.

Lectures are scheduled for the period from 3pm to 9pm german time zone (CEST) – We try to consider best time slots for all speakers regarding their time zone. Furthermore it is possible that speakers record their presentation before and we play it during the event. However, we would like to ask you to use this option only in exceptional cases as not to lose the character of the live event.

The traditional tutorial by Stefan Kania will also be held as a webinar on the day before the conference (Tuesday, 4th May 2021). This year's topic: "Setting up Samba as a printserver".

Do not hesitate to contact the organizers at loc@sambaXP.org or stay tuned for updates at this place - Stay healthy!

Best regards - your sambaXP team at SerNet.


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Setting up Samba as a printserver

If you have a lot of network printers in your environment it might be a good idea to set up a printserver with Samba4. Together with CUPS you are able to manage your printers for all your clients. For a Linux or MAC client you would only need CUPS, but as soon as you have Windows clients, CUPS is not enough, you need printer driver for all your printers to be installed on the clients.
If you are using Active Directory to manage all your users, groups and clients you can set up the printserver to share all printers to your Windows clients via GPOs. Not only connecting the printers via GPO but also installing the printer drivers for the printers on your Windows clients.

In this year's tutorial we will set up a printserver as part of an Active Directory and mange GPOs to connect the printers to the clients and install the drivers without user interaction.

What will we do?

1. Configure CUPS to share the printers inside your network.
2. Join the printserver into a Samba4 domain.
3. Set up the shares for spooling and printer drivers.
4. Install printer drivers.
5. Connect the printer with a driver.
6. Create a GPO to connect the printer to a client and install the driver
   without user interaction.
7. Handle unsigned drivers.

Because sambaXP will be an online event the tutorial will also be held online.

What do you need to join the tutorial?

  • PC with VirtualBox 6.x and Vagrant installed.
  • Webcam and a Headset or speaker and microphone to ask questions.
  • To test the printserver you need a Windows-System that can be joined into the test domain. If you don't have a Windows-VM you can download an evaluation Version from Microsoft https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/virtual-machines/ Download the VirtualBox version and import the VM to VirtualBox. It's a full featured version valid for 40 days.

Training material:
You will get a handout including all steps to be able to recap independently
after the tutorial. For setting up the systems you will get a Vagrant file to
install the Samba4 domain controller and the printserver.

Call for Papers and Deadlines

Please note the following deadlines concerning paper submission:

  • until March 19th, 2021: call for papers
  • until March 31th, 2021: notification of accepted talks

Preparations for the 2021 SAMBA eXPerience Conference are under way. SerNet and the SAMBA Team wish to receive submissions of interest and proposals for papers, presentations, and talks about SAMBA and the broader challenges of data management at the sambaXP 2021 conference.

There will be opportunity for technical talks, user reports, presentations, and technical papers. Preference is given to English language materials, although proposals in other languages will be gladly considered.

A talk should last 45 minutes including discussion.

Call for Paper

Author Information
Paper Information

Program Committee

Chairman of the 20th samba eXPerience conference is Jeremy Allison – one of the founding members of the Samba Team.

The program of talks and other contributions is supervised by the program committee:

  • Jeremy Allison, Google
  • Stefan Kania, author
  • Karolin Seeger, SerNet


Local Organizing Committee

The local organizing committee (LOC) is responsible for all activities during the conference:

  • Ms. Nadine Dreymann, SerNet
  • Ms. Dr. Chen-Yu Lin, SerNet
  • Mr. Dr. Johannes Loxen, SerNet

Do not hesitate to contact them via loc@remove-this.sambaxp.org.


sambaXP is organised by SerNet:

SerNet GmbH
Bahnhofsallee 1b
37081 Goettingen

phone: +49 551 370000-0
email: contact@remove-this.sernet.de

Managing Directors: Dr. Johannes Loxen, Reinhild Jung

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everything that matters sambaXP:

phone: +49 551 370000-0
e-mail: loc@remove-this.sambaxp.org